To give you new baby a name is a magical moment. A naming ceremony is not a baptism or a christening. Baptisms or Christenings will be held by priests

These are held inside the church and are conducted here with our priests. The service is in English and ceremonies and Catholic (Roman Catholic) or Anglican (Similar Church or England)

Hand Painting - This is used when the guests bring a large canvas and several water paints. The childs hand print is put in the middle of the canvas and each guest at the ceremony also joins them by putting their hand print around the canvas.

Anointing With Essential Oils - A popular choice by many couples to choose a significant oil or rose water to anoint the forehead of the child.


Naming ceremonies are conducted by our celebrants and is a service to welcome the new child into the family. It is a warm, significant and totally fulfilling ceremony in which the relationships between families and friends and parents is made stronger. The responsibilities of the god parents (also known in various countries as mentors or guardians or supporting adults also) is a special moment as the exchange of words are given. Grandparents and your other children can also take part in the service as we unite you all. It is also a special day for the arrival of an adopted child, a change of name or a step child. A certificate is presented also to remember this wonderful day. The location of your Baby Naming ceremony is totally your choice. There are no restrictions.

Optional Extras For Your Ceremony

Releasing of Balloons - Each guest is given a balloon as a symbol of love for the child. After the baby naming ceremony the balloons are released one by one into the sky and each guest will make a private (or public if chosen) wish to the child and it´s future.

Wish Box - Each guest at your service will be presented with slips of paper and each guest will write a wish for the child on the paper. These papers are then given to the parents and then sealed in the wish box that they bring. It is tradition for this box to be given to the child on their 18th or 21st Birthday. Written pending gifts can also be written by guests and put in the box. The child does not receive them until they are 18 or 21.

Candle Ceremony - Similar to the lighting of candles at the wedding services, these are used by the godparents or grandparents or guests. Each one can give a candle or the godparents can present a joined candle for the child.

Tree Planting - Very common in when we do naming ceremonies at parents home. A new tree is planted to reprresent the beginning of the childs life.

Date/Time Box - This is very interesting for the child when they get older and get presented with this box. Each guest is asked to bring an item that relates to the year the child was born. It could be a coin, a new made toy, a photo, a newspaper story, the choice is totally personal.

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