Legalities Getting Married Tenerife - Many people each year ask the same question. Can they get married in Tenerife outside or by the beach or in a chosen luxury wedding location. The answer is yes. Not everybody wants their wedding day in the church or inside a registry office or an official building for marriages. Non residents of Tenerife can legally be married in a civil service wedding in Tenerife in the registry office. Then they have their Tenerife beach wedding service after the legal service. Howeve Spanish civil services come with high expenses for translations and paperwork. Tenerife Wedding Celebrants and non catholic priests have a service to get round these requirements - our celebrant trainers worldwide are also using this method as people want the wedding of their dreams. To have the wedding day of your dreams this is all you need to do. To be legally married in a civil service in many parts of the  UK and Spain, the couple must stand in front of a registrar in a civil licensed place with two witnesses. The amount of words you have to say legally is actually only 2 sentences each and can take only several minutes to be legally married. Many of our couples have done this on their lunchbreak in their home country just to get the paper. The words are called Declaratory words and contracting words. You are both asked by the registrar your full name and are you lawfully free to marry...................(full name) You have to respond with 'I am'. Then you are asked to repeat I..........(full name) take you ...........(full name) to be my wedded wife/husband.  That is it and you are legally married. At this moment it is very long and difficult (but not imposible) and very expensive for non residents of Spain to do the civil service here in Tenerife however we will accept your marriage certificate from your own country. Then we can give you the ceremony of your dreams in your chosen location however and whenever you want it. You will sign the certificate and this will be your wedding day here in Tenerife and all guests friends and family do not know you have done the legal part at home.   Please note that many Spanish weddings outside are also done this way. They do the legal part in the local courts or town halls and then have their wedding outside.  If you want to do your legal wedding in Tenerife then please be prepared to have 6 months or more in advance, 2 visits to Tenerife and also your legal fees can be around 1500 Euros. The cheapest way is to do your legal wording in your home country (so no vows or nice words, just the legal words), then in Tenerife have the wedding of your dreams with a full worded wedding service that includes your vows.

 Weddings - Our celebrants in Tenerife will deliver to you a totally tailored made wedding service for getting married here in Tenerife, you might choose a beach wedding, a boat, a castle or your hotel or home, the choice is yours. Your wedding ceremony in Tenerife will be designed with you the couple and it will give you that special magical day to reflect your personal needs for a beautiful wedding ceremony. You are not tied down to strict register office wedding wording that control what is said. A traditional church wedding that is also chosen by some of our couples but for many our couples prefer to choose, so that they can have as much or as little religious content as they desire and have the music and songs of their choice. We have a wide selection of reading and poems so that your wedding ceremony can incorporate your culture also if you wish. Couples can also stand if they like facing the guests which is more personal and open and children can also be involved. Your ceremony can be as traditional or non traditional. It can be your vows alongside our celebrant guided ceremonies. 

Note: 95% of all our weddings two celebrants attended all services just in case one is sick on the day or has traffic problems.

Baby Naming - A name is very important as it gives us your identity. Naming ceremonies are chosen now for many parents who do not want to have the traditional church christening but they want to still celebrate bringing the child into the family. Also these ceremonies can be used to celebrate the arrival of adoptive children or step children. There are no marriage rules, or cultural or religious rules for a naming service and it can be held in your chosen location. The service covers why the names where chosen, promises to the child, support from family and many other important aspects and beautiful wording that is written specially. Supporting adults (God Parents if it´s a christening) can also say the special words and poems. A souvenir certificate of the ceremony will be signed also. Also remember that these services are not legal services governed by any laws so you can hold the service in any location you choose.

 Renewal Of Vows - Renewing your vows here in Tenerife can be to celebrate your anniversary or a special day. There are no rules on when or where you can do this and you can renew your vows to each other as many times as you like. We have couples now that renew their vows each year with us and we have been called out at the last minute in the evenings to perform renwal of vows here in Tenerife. There are many reasons to renew your vows, maybe you got married overseas and now you have the opportunity to have all your friends and family present. Some couples go through difficult times and renewing the vows is like making a new start to each other. Others didn´t have the dream wedding they always wanted to they want to have it again but the way they want it. Whatever your reason it is a beautiful renewed commitment to one another. Your wedding celebrant can also create you a service that includes personal things about your life together. Prices vary from a few hundred Euros for a celebrant in your chosen location. Or if you wish to renew your vows during a church mass with a priest the prices vary. POA

Master of Ceremonies - To be the Master of a ceremony is a person who is the public speaker or also known as the conductor to service as a genial host. In short most people know this as an MC. We supply professional trained Master of Ceremonies and the ensure that your program or event will run perfectly on time, they instruce special people, awards, they can ad lib in situations necessary to ensure the event is perfect. As with all our members they have been in the business between 5 and 25 years. They hold event management degrees and come from a wide range of backgrounds that involve constant public speaking private and media. 

Funeral Services - It is always a difficult time when loved ones pass away and a time when care should be taken. Funeral services at this moment are carried out with our priests or pastors. You will be put in direct contact for priests and pastors.  Our celebrants will conduct a celebration of life ceremony for non religious families and at a chosen location.  All fees priests or pastors are paid directly to the charity they support.


How much does it cost. Depending on where you are in Tenerife and the service required a guide price can be a few hundred Euros up to nearly double 700 for a priest.  We also have volunteer retired public speakers and celebrants who provide the services for a donation to a charity.  All celebrants even if they do it for free or as a job, a minimum of a few hundred will be requested so that all of it or a percentage of it can be donated to chartity. The charities vary and they are always local charites, like kids schools, money for the cancer bus etc.

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