Commitment Ceremonies

These ceremonies are used not only by same sex couples but also with couples who do not wish to be married but want to affirm their love and commitment to one another.

The ceremony is a beautiful and very meaningful service that can be as formal or as informal as you choose. We tailor make all our services so that each couple feels personal and magical on their day.

The purpose of these types of services are either private or public in front of friends and family so that that couple can declare their love for one another and the life-long commitment they have for each other. It is a dignified and wonderful ceremony that is shared with friends and family or just as the two of you.  There is NO legal implications and there are no legal rights.

Extras For Your Ceremony

Sand Ceremony

This is a ritual request by many of our Tenerife Celebrants. It is when the sand mixes and is called the Blending of the Sands ceremony. It is used by some people as the alternative to the candles. What is done is we use two different colours of sand and they are poured into a glass vase of your choice and they symbolize the commitment for the couple. Also is used for joining of families.  Required is three small vases, each of the vases with the sand symbolize the joining together. Some couples have flowers or shells also inside the vase. It is a wonderful reminder for you to take home to remember your day.

Joined With Fire (Candle Ceremony)

Known as a Unity Candle Ceremony these are widely used in our services for the joining of the couple. They can be used before or after the rings if rings chosen. The candles can work in several ways. The couples lighting each others  small candle as they represent you as a single person then lighting the main candle as you both become one and blowing the small ones out. Many couples have also chosen parents to bring the two lit candles and hand them over. Certain traditions pass on the two small candles to an engaged couple at their commitment during the presentation speeches.

Ancient Hand Binding (handfasting)
In ancient times and in many countries this service still takes place. This is where the joke came from to "tie the knot". Becoming very popular with beautiful pieces of material chosen one hand each is binded together. This is done after the rings (optional) and is a symbollic ceremony in that the couple will honor each other, each others commitments and they accept that their lives are now joined.

Rose Service

During the service with the rose the couple give each other a RED ROSE BUD. The red rose is a traditional symbol of love and has always meant "I love you". Couples with children use this service a lot when in Tenerife either before or after the rings. At the end of the commitment service it is common to give the roses away to your children or a member of the family as you pass on your love to another person.

Glass Breaking Service

This tradition is undertaken at the end of the commitment service. It is a conclusion of all the bad times when your heart has been broken. That is what the shattered glass represents. It shows that life is fragile and it calls to care for one another so that nothing can be broken again. It is also to open our eyes to that many things can be broken and for the attention to care and respect one another.

Wine Sharing

Have wine in a cup also known as a loving cup for the couple is so that they share the first drink as husband and wife together as they become one family. The wine in the cup is an old tradition and was popular and comon from the Celtic people in that they would toast each other with the "Ceremony Loving Cup". In Scotland it is known as "A Quaich", which means cup. Also used a lot with our Irish bride and grooms and from Jewish weddings. There are different designs that you can buy and bring them with you to Tenerife. Some couples choose brass cups some bring crystal glass with names and date on the glass. We have seen many beautiful cups during our services in Tenerife.

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