Tenerife Wedding Celebrants provide wedding celebrants, basic planning but they are not wedding planners, however.  Some of our celebrants also work with wedding planners.  So we can answer your questions and also provide you with prices for the wedding planning staff that you will need for your wedding in Tenerife.  Tenerife Celebrants also have full access to the decoration and items that you will want to decorate your ceremony area and make it special.  Tenerife Celebrants and officiants will always make sure your wedding day in Tenerife is 100% perfect.  We can pass on details of photographers and help you with some Little things and small services. But if you need contacts to organise your wedding just contact us with your requirements and we will pass your details on to wedding planners that suit your needs.

Tenerife Wedding Celebrants only work with preferred partners.

Get married in Tenerife at this beautiful location overlooking the ocean. Weddings in Tenerife are organised by www.tenerifeweddingplanners.com  www.canariesconcierge.com www.tenerifeweddingdirectory.com  www.tenerife.wedding